A Very Fine Line

There is a very fine line between a lot of things.

A fine line between friendship and relationships.

A fine line between passion and insanity.

And a fine line between lying and protecting someone you care about.

Or so I am told.

But, I’m not convinced that the last one qualifies as a fine line, because most of the time “I was just protecting you” or “I did it for your own good” ends up hurting a significant amount more when you find out about it x amount of time later.

Not to mention, is it even possible to successfully lie in todays society when it is filled with a generation that documents everything from Birthday’s to breakfast sandwiches?

Or has “a fine line” become the perfect introduction paragraph to a liars well thought out apology essay?

I personally cannot speak on behalf of every person who has had this line played on them, whether it be once or 1000 times. Consequently, I also cannot speak for all the people who have used this line to try and defuse a situation and avoiding taking responsibilities for their mistakes.

However, I can reflect passionately on the fact that I believe if even one person is upset by your actions, then it is your job to own up to them and not blame it on the fact that you “did it for their own good.” 

I believe that if you have the ability and the influence to ruins someone day, or on a brighter note change someone’s entire day into the best day ever, then that is a huge, massive, down right gargantuan gift that you need to use responsibly.

End of story. No questions ask.

If someone has let down their walls, opened their heart, and made room for you in this awful unfair world, then you can probably swallow your pride and admit to your mistakes – especially when there is hard-cold evidence working against you.

There is not a fine line between lying and protecting someone because in the end, 9 times out of 10, all your left with is one big explosion, one upset party, and one party with too much pride to say I’m sorry.


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