Long Distance Valentine’s Day

“I’m much more me when I’m with you.” – unknown

Being in a long distance relationship is hands-down one of the hardest things that I have ever put myself through. Every single day I choose to be miles a part from the person that my soul picked. Every minute I make the decision to push forward, power through and keep going even though half of my heart is almost always in a different destination.

And let me tell you that after years of practice the space between us never gets easier to manage.

In fact, the only thing that I’ve learned over the last three years is that the distance actually gets worse with time – not better.

Especially at this time of year when Saint Valentine floods into my life like the unwanted snow and everything from social media to grocery store isles are filled with chocolate hearts and countless reminders.

So I will conclude with absolute certainty that long distance relationships suck, but they suck even more on February 14th. Specifically when February 14th falls in the middle of the week and you are left with only Face-time to celebrate the holiday that was meant to be spent in person.

Even though this is my third Valentine’s Day this is actually the first one where I’ve had to spend it in different cities. The first one that we haven’t been able to cook up some plan or drive ridiculous distances just to be together for a romantic dinner and a night full of public displays of affection.

That’s right, the first one in three years, which means I probably don’t have any real ground to stand on as I sit here and complain, but I am also complaining for all the other days of the year when text messages just don’t cut it.

Either way, I’m going to complain, because I can guarantee that my heart is going to hurt a little extra on Tuesday as I look around and see everyone so openly in love as I look down, just one more time, at our silly selfies that are plastered all over my phone.

However, I have found a positive to long-distance relationships and valentines falling on a Tuesday, and that is for the past 72 hours I have been living in ignorance bliss and in an apartment filled with early Valentine’s Day festivities.

I got a dozen beautiful roses, filled with pink and orange and red.

One delicate, elegant necklace that was hand picked just for me.

A perfect card about monkeys and bugs that was probably his proudest present.

And a teddy bear that stands at the same size of me and is more cuddley then any pillow.

And although the presents were so undoubtedly perfect, it was every other second that we spent wrapped up in cliche Valentine’s Day things that will make Tuesday a little more bearable when I’m alone.

Because if long distance relationships have taught me anything over the last 1000+ days it is that the moments that you get to spend, singing stupid camp fire songs at 8 a.m. are the moments that make the distance worth it.

(Well the life sized teddy to cuddle while he’s gone doesn’t hurt either)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples who I am insanely jealous of who will spend Tuesday wrapped up together.

And, all the couples like me who will spend the night on Face-time, in separate apartments, with x amount of distance between them.

And in the meantime it’s only four more years until Valentine’s Day will fall on a Saturday once again.


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