Is There Such Thing As Watermelon Juice?

Everyone always talks about when life throws you lemons, but what happens when the lemons turn into watermelons and you are being pelted from every single angle?

I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard the saying, “when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade” but, lets be realistic here, sometimes the things that are being thrown at you are significantly bigger then lemons. And, although I haven’t tried it, I don’t think you can catch the watermelons and make watermelon juice the same way that you can with lemons when they are being thrown at you. But, I might stand to be corrected.

Basically, what I am getting at here is sometimes the things that you are dodging, the things that are being whipped at you with severe force, and the things that are knocking you on your ass left right and centre are simply significantly bigger then a damn 4oz lemon.

Or maybe life is just throwing you 1000 lemons, I can imagine that trying to catch, carry, and squeeze 62.5 lbs of lemons would prove to be challenging, just in the same way that 1000 problems and obstacles would be a lot to carry.

But realistically, what I am getting at here, is sometimes your problems and sometimes the obstacles that life is placing in your path is bigger then lemons.

And what I am saying to you, is sometimes it’s okay to admit defeat once you’ve been hit with 10 watermelons, or even 3, and arguably it’s okay to quit (momentarily) after life hits you with just 1 watermelon. Because everyone knows, that being pelted with a watermelon would hurt, even if they’ve never actually been physically hit.

I personally am hiding from watermelons this week, because it’s only Tuesday and I think so far I’ve been bombarded with at least four.

I’m searching my surroundings for things that I can use as armour and I have yet figured out how to make watermelon juice.

And I definitely haven’t found the silver lining to all the things that have gone terribly wrong since the start of the week, which technically was only 48 hours ago, but it feels like it’s been 48 years.

All I personally know, is that when I hide in my heated bed, life has a harder time hitting me with watermelons and lemons and any other fruit sized obstacles that comes flying at me, so that is where I will stay until morning.

And if tomorrow brings me more obstacles and more fruit sized bruises, I will face it with strength while I furiously google how to make home-made watermelon juice.

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