Blue Monday

According to experts there is a day in January that is reported to be the most depressing day of the year.
Scientist have turned it into a formula.
A calculated number.
That says, in fact, the most depressing day of the year is based on an equation.
Oddly enough, this day is most commonly the third Monday in January. Which is becoming known world-wide as “Blue Monday.”

Surprise surprise – today just happens to be the third Monday of January and the “most blue-est day of them all.”

However, as a girl who experiences a lot of “blue” days I’m not entirely sure that this specific Monday is any worse than the other terrible Mondays throughout the year.

But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find a little bit of reassurance in the fact that there is a set day every year where people everywhere are coming together to be depressed together. Even though, technically we’re probably all hiding in our beds avoiding the big terrible world that waits for us outside our comfortable sheets.

I personally didn’t even know Blue Monday was a thing, let alone a national event that is celebrated wide and far.

In fact, the only reason that I know about this said event is due to the fact that I’ve been hearing about it on the radio for the last week straight.

Which has got me thinking… is today actually destined to be horrible? Or is it something that society has inflicted upon all of those broken and tired souls that already carry so much weight and stress every other day of the year?

For me, this Monday wasn’t really all that awful.

I got over 11 hours of sleep last night, arguably I got a full 12 hours, which to some might seem extremely obsessive, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t wonderful.

My eyeliner went on flawlessly on the first try – ON BOTH EYES!! – which has happened MAYBE two other times since I’ve started wearing making. (And that is a strong maybe).

The weather is above freezing, I didn’t have to dig my car out of a snow bank this morning, I got to pick up hot chocolate on my way to school, I am in good health, I have no outstanding assignments…

In fact, I think I can come up with at least 100 good things that happened today and maybe only 5 bad things – and to be perfectly honest my list of bad things really isn’t that awful.

And I don’t even have 5 things on it, but the day is still young so I’ve left a few blank spaces just incase I experience something terrible that desperately needs to be added to my list of why this day is, in fact, a blue Monday.

But, if I have to be 100% honest with everyone, I am not convinced that this Monday is any worse than any other Monday.

But, I am also not convinced that depression or bad days or terrible things can be calculated with a formula.

However, as a girl who experiences blue days, even on days that aren’t noticed as blue world-wide, I do hope that you were able to find a little bit of yellow (since yellow is known as a happy colour you know) in your day today.

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