Perfect Imperfections

Over the weekend I had an epiphany. I realized something that not only completely changed my outlook on love, but it also gave me a permanent smile that I literally could not wipe off my face.

I realized that true love is imperfect.

Love is portrayed in so many different ways. It is completely materialized by the media. It is completely different for everyone. But no matter who is in love – their love is imperfect.

I woke up on Sunday morning and it was rainy and cold. I pulled the blankets tighter around me and cuddled closer to the warm body who shares my queen sized bed. And even though it was miserable outside the four walls of my apartment, I was living in a sweet paradise.

Moments later I was jumping into the shower with my coffee order yelled through the steam as he ran out the door.

And 30 minutes later is when I realized how wonderfully perfect imperfect love is – as I sat sipping a drink I definitely didn’t request.

A smile started to spread across my face as the hot drink warmed my hands and I tried so hard to choke back the laugh that was rising in my throat.

He looked at me and frowned – asked how my drink was and if they made it correctly. And in that moment I could have been drinking straight water because it truly is the thought that counts – even when you desperately want that caffeine fix.

I didn’t even want to tell him that I had no idea what I was drinking and that it was definitely not what I ordered, in fact, in that moment I could have vowed to drink the wrong drink for the rest of my life.

I am a strong believer in the fact that no-body is perfect. I am an even stronger believer in the fact that a persons flaws make them into the beautiful and unique individual that they are.

And I am convinced, without a doubt, that a man who tries is one million times better than one who is perfect – if in fact the perfect man does exist of which I am not convinced.

With caramel hot chocolate warming my soul I fell in love with the beautiful imperfections that stood in front of me and I smiled despite the rainy day.

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