Sweet Escape – Free Reins Farms

On Sunday May 29th of this year we were preparing to leave our comfy, yet tiny, safe haven that we called home for at least 3 years prior. It was officially time to pack up the last of our boxes and set up camp on our “new to us” farm. By this time basically everything was done except saying goodbye and actually leaving behind a place that was so familiar.

Which is why at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon we were all crowded in my landlords kitchen avoiding the closing of yet another metaphorical door.

That was until our peaceful ice-cream eating and reminiscing came to a screeching halt.

Ironically enough, even though we technically hadn’t moved in yet, I had moved in the newest addition to the family and the first ever farm animal almost exactly 4 weeks before.

On April 30th I rescued a sweet, gentle, and thankful little donkey who was in desperate need of some TLC and groceries.

When we first brought “Ears” home he stayed peacefully wherever we put him, happy as long as he had fresh hay in front of him. However, as part of my rehabilitation plan to bring him back to good health I was also feeding him vitamins and minerals 2X a day.

If anyone is wondering how long it takes a starving donkey to get his energy & personality back it is exactly 1 month. You have exactly 1 month until your kind hearted donkey shows his true colours and does a complete 180 to turn into the little hellion that now lives in my backyard.

So this fact brings us back to May 29th when our brand new neighbour texted my mom that our donkey was running, free range, down the middle of the road.

That one single text message caused us to shout goodbye and pile into the truck in 30 seconds – it was time to start our new adventure.

Luckily, 2 minutes down the road, my mom received another text that Ears was settled safely into my neighbours field with his pet cows.

I know that this doesn’t seem like a miraculous story, however, what you don’t realize is Ears travelled over 2km, including 2 left turns and 1 right turn, to enter the yard of the only neighbour we knew at the new house.

So on one hand – good boy.

By 5:15pm on May 29th my mom hand-walked our donkey back home. After he chased the neighbours cows through the fence… twice.

And by 5:30 – we were officially moved in to our home.


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