Hey… It’s Finally Summer.

So another year is in the books.

Another university year – two full semesters. And an additional semester to complete my first year of college.

That’s 10 months of post secondary school, in a row, while everyone else only has to complete 8.

Which means, I am at least twice as tired and twice as drained as all the other hard working students – probably. Math has never been my strong suit. But speaking from personal experience I feel at least twice as drained then everyone around me who has gotten an extra two months away from textbooks, tests, and evidently they have probably received pay cheques when all I have done is paid double the tuition.

But regardless my brain finally hit summer mode last Friday when I drove away from my school town and returned back to the country where my roots have always been firmly planted.

However, the lack of schooling sadly isn’t resulting in an increase in free time. I might even argue that I am significantly busier now that I am “on break” then I ever was during the school year (even though completing 7 years of school in 4 well trying to get a BA and an advance diploma at the same time does have it’s busy moments).

Either way I am away from essays and assignments and that fact alone is enough to make my heart sing.

And now I am back home. In my happy place. At my favourite job. Surrounded by my favourite people. Greeted every morning with kisses from my favourite fur babies…

And yet something just doesn’t seem right, my mind not perfectly at ease.

It could do with the fact that I have had writers block for the last several months. My draft folder filled with half wrote posts that I can’t find the words to finish.

It could do with the fact that my grades are higher then they have ever been, but I am not working in my field of choice.

Or it could just be the fact that I pushed my brain into over drive and I need to catch up on so much lost sleep.

Ah, the struggles of an up-coming journalist.

Happy summer all, I am happy to finally join you.



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