To The “Boys” Who Think It’s Ok…

For generations woman have been fighting for equal rights.
The right to have the same pay, the same jobs, the same chances, but most importantly the right to have the same respect that men are given day in and day out.

This means that as a woman I am part of this movement. Not in the sense that I am going to join a picket line, or sign as many petitions as I can on Facebook, but in the sense that I want to feel safe and comfortable at all points in my day.

I want to be able to wear shorts and still feel safe walking down the street at dusk.
I want to be able to wear makeup and not have to justify my opinions to the boys around me who don’t understand.
I want to be able to post selfies, and dress up, and go to the bar because they are things that I enjoy to do and not have to worry about how many comments I am going to have to dodge.
I want to be able to do whatever the hell I want and I want to do this because it’s my right… not because I can actively ignore all the sly comments that are made by the other gender.

Without a doubt society has gotten increasingly better. And for the most part I do feel comfortable wearing whatever I want, saying whatever I want, and being whoever the hell I want to. But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t some days that I want to cry over the way I have been treated, or throw punches if I thought it would stop the rude and inappropriate comments that come out of some peoples mouth.

So here is a statement for all the “boys” who I have ever crossed paths with, who think it is “their right”to comment, ogle, and inspect my body and my decisions…

I am a women. I am your equal. And it is none of your god damn business whether or not I decide to wear a crop top or a turtleneck.

I have been in more situations that I care to admit to that have made me uncomfortable. Situations that have made me nervous.
Situations that have made me feel out of control.
Situations that have made me feel violated & vulnerable.
Situations that never should have even occurred,
But they did, because I’m a girl.

I have had guys grab my ass.
Beg for pictures.
Stare strictly at my chest without even attempting to look at my face.
Completely ignore my words and do it anyway because “they’re just joking or they’re my friend”

Ironically enough I have also had people, exactly like the ones described above, that have asked for relationship advice. And I stare back at them with a complete blank expression on my face because I literally cannot wrap my head around the fact how 1 single person can treat females with so much disrespect but still want to date one.

Regardless of that, this post wasn’t really about the decisions that some males make or the thought process that goes through their head when they reach out and touch a girls lower back with absolutely no consent but more so, it was suppose to be a letter to all the boys who have treated a girl like property, or slept with them just to add their name to their forever-growing “list,”or begged for naked pictures that they would eventually share with all their friends next time you went out on the town.

Girls talk. Heck girls don’t even have to like each other to talk about the “pigs” that they have crossed paths with.
They talk in bathrooms after midnight, and on social media, and through friends of friends. And before you know it you have burned bridges with an uncountable number of females just by disrespecting 1.

We don’t find it cute, or a “turn-on” when you slap our ass or graze our chest. And we sure as hell know that it’s not “by accident” like you try to claim with a cocky smile.

I cannot speak for all females. I cannot say with certainty that all girls stand behind me in my loathing for these childish actions. But I can say this…
Females are not the weaker sex.
We are not property.
We are not a man’s “right”
And the fight for female rights is far from over.


And to all the men who are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum: Thank you.
For treating women everywhere with respect.
For giving out actual compliments that don’t just revolve around one’s personal appearance.
For the fathers who teach their little girls how they are supposed to be treated, and the fathers who teach their sons to treat everyone with the same respect regardless of sex.
For the men in my life who constantly restore my faith in the opposite gender.
And for the men who stand up and stand with all of the females who have been put in uncomfortable situations.

We all notice you & I personally am extremely thankful to have positive male role models in my life.




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