My People.

For the last (almost) two months I have been “ringing my own bell” so to speak. I have been so utterly confident in the fact that 2016 is going to be my year. Unlike all of the years in the past that I made the same resoultion, I wanted to not only say that this year was going to be better, but I wanted it to actually BE better. I am still confident in the fact that 2016 is really truly MY year and that is not because the first 52 days have been completely flawless or without challenge. In fact, it is the complete opposite that I believe I am still going to come out on top this time.

This last week has been the 7 days from hell. 

I am not joking when I tell you that my reading week – my suppose to be relaxing, carefree, rest week – was more stressful and painful then the other 45 days I’ve already crossed off this year.

Every single day I was met by my loud and obnoxiously early alarm clock. Each day was filled with appointments, errands, driving, and a constant flow of money streaming out of my already hurting bank account. I had to go to the dentist, my family was met by more car-crisis in 2 days than we have ever experienced in the last 10 years, I was left stranded for the first time since I turned 16, the Canadian winter personally tried to kill off every single one of its citizens with the freezing cold temperatures, and last, but not least, my horse got sick… (in fact, this was the most traumatizing and time-consuming event that happened)

It honestly felt like every single thing that could go wrong – did. Just to test my loyalty to my positivity and optimism that I’ve been supporting since the clock struck midnight on January 1st.

Now that it is 11 p.m. on Sunday night and I am about to put this dreadful week behind me for good, I can look back and say with certainty that this week should have killed me. In the past it would have resulted in multiple emotional break-downs, several teary-eyed nights, and more than one fit of frustration.

But that wasn’t the case this week. 

Without a doubt this week was stressful and draining, but never once did I think about throwing in the towel or hiding in my bed. Instead I woke up every morning, ready to take on the next battle and push through whatever obstacle I had to hurdle myself over. And I know for a fact that the only reason I was able to take this entire week in stride was because of the team of people that I have behind me.

I cannot stress enough how important family is. And I am not just talking about my blood-relatives. In fact, more often than not, I am talking about the family members that I chose and the ones who found me.

I am talking about “my barn family” who woke up every hour, on the hour, to check on my horse even when it was -25 outside, without thinking twice about it.

I am talking about my parents who drove two hours without hesitation because I was in a bind – because I know they would do it again with one simple phone call.

I am talking about the people who called to check up on me – even the ones that barley know me.

I am talking about my sister, who picked up the phone and gave me advice, from 3 hours away even though she was busy with her own horses.

I am talking about the friends who support me whether it is at 3 a.m. when panic hits, or 4 p.m. when they’re suppose to be playing hockey.

I have always known that family is important – but 2016 is proving to me that absolutely everything can be beaten if you have the right team of people behind you – and god am I happy about the people who are in my corner. 


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