It is impossible to get an average number of how many people you might see on a daily bases. Ultimately, there are just way to many factors to consider. Did you leave your house today? Did you go to work? The grocery store? Meet your friends for lunch? Everyone has there own routines and they differ significantly from the person that you are sitting next to right now, but surprisingly enough you have one thing in common with every single person you see:

Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. 

Society has taught us to be insecure. It has taught us to judge people. It has taught us how to highlight our flaws. It has taught us how to create demons inside of our souls that are fighting day and night to destroy every little bit of light that is left inside of you. It has taught us to suffer in silent.

1 in every 5 Canadians will suffer from mental illness throughout their lives. Thats 4.5 billion people who suffer from a disease that society has taught us isn’t even real.

How does that even make sense?
You’re right… it doesn’t.

It doesn’t make any sense for us to turn our heads and ignore the fact that mental illness consumes us,
Consumes our friends and our loved ones,
Consumes people who fought for this country,
Consumes complete strangers,
Has the chance to consume every single person who is able to feel emotions.

It doesn’t make any sense to listen to society when it tells us the mental illness isn’t real. Or that it’s just “feeling sad” and something that we need to “get over”.

Because we know better.
Either because we have personally suffered
Because we have watched someone we love stare back at us with completely dead eyes because they have suffered in silence for so long that their demons have won.

It is time for us to stand together – not alone.
It is time for all of us,
Those who are currently suffering,
Those who have suffered,
Those who know someone who has been suffering
To intertwine our hands and overcome mental illness.
It’s time for us to get educated.
Get involved.
And start fighting.

Mental illness is silent – that doesn’t mean you should be. 

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