Canadian Winter.

Probably one of the biggest stereotypes for Canadians is our love for winter.
In fact, I am willing to argue, that some people truly believe we have pet polar bears.
Or that we BBQ in -20 degrees in flip-flops.
Or that we eat, sleep, and breathe the freezing temperatures and knee-deep wet snow.

Canadians love winter… right?

If this is the case than I am not the die-hard Canadian that I would like to believe that I am. In fact, I was jumping for joy all the way into the new year when the ground stayed thawed and my winter coat stayed tucked away until 2016 made its appearance. I thoroughly enjoyed being comfortable in my sweater and looking at the wet brown mud instead of the wet white stuff that now covers our roads. And I definitely enjoyed NOT having to brush my car off on the mornings – on the odd days when my engine actually decides to start in these deadly temperatures, instead of giving me the middle finger and forcing me to email my professors that driving into class today just isn’t in the cards.

However, I can no longer deny that our Canadian winter has made its appearance, and it doesn’t look like it has any plans on leaving in the near future.

My alarm went off this morning,             But, I was frozen to my bed.                     The windows rattled from the storming, And my nose, it was bright red.

The temperature was so damn cold
My heat clearly has tapped out.
Reluctantly, I rolled away and stuck my little feet out.

It took me 2 straight hours to dig my car out of the snow.
And not to my surprise, but the engine wouldn’t go.

I slammed the door and sulked inside to strip my wet socks off.
I prayed to God that my boss would understand,
And not just lay me off.

Game over.
You win.
I cannot bare your wrath.
I’ll try again tomorrow
While I deal with the aftermath. 



Happy Winter Everybody.



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