Next Big Step.

I have a very exciting announcement for all my active readers. But, also mainly because I want to document this milestone and opportunity for me to review at a later date when my days seem more grey than rainbow.

Do you remember that internship that I told you about? The one I applied for on a whim with no high expectations or wishful thinking? well… I GOT IT. That’s right I am going to be a published journalist and I am not even graduated yet.

Here’s 5 reasons why this internship is going to change my life:

  1. My work will be published with full credit given to me.
  2. My name will be spread on a wider-base and it will become more commonly known.
  3. I get my foot in the door in a very competitive business before I even complete University or College.
  4. I get to gain experience in a field that focuses on a topic I am so passionate about
  5. I get to be apart of an up and coming magazine from the very beginning stages, which means not only  will I get to edit and publish work, but I will also get experience at growing a business and the back-work that comes into play.

On January 4th I received an unexpected bursary from the English department at my University, which completely reassured my confidence in my writing.

On January 5th I received an email offering me the internship. I smiled from 5p.m. when I got the email until 11 p.m. when my brain finally shut off on me.

On January 6th I sent my second email with a list of story ideas and different topics that I would be able to cover and write about if they were of interest. I also sat at my computer desk, refreshing my email every several minutes waiting for an email that is helping shape my future.

On January 7th I wrote my first article that is going to be critiqued, altered, and eventually published.

Never did I imagine that 2016 would hold so many opportunities for me to grow and expand as a writer. Especially since we are only 6 days into January.

For some reason I had a feeling that 2016 was going to be my year to shine and all the events that have happened thus far is just increasing my confidence in this statement.

So to all of you, who are in on this journey with me, I dare you to do something risky today. Apply for a new job. Talk to a new person. Do something for yourself that you have always wanted to do – and just watch as the world works with you to make all of your dreams and goals that much closer to possible.

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