New Year/New Me… What?

The saying “New Year – New Me” has been around for generations. I know this because this is my 20th new year and I can remember this saying being used for almost all 20 celebrations (minus the couple-few that I was in diapers).

Most people truly believe that this statement is a hoax. A silly thing that people say for the first 4 days of the new year before falling back into their same old habits.

And to a certain degree I agree with them.

The first of January is truly just 24 hours later than December 31st… which is just 24 hours older than December 30th… which evidently is just 24 hours older than December 29th. As you see this never-ending trend last all 365 days, for as long as time has existed, without ever altering.

So how come society has it drilled into their brain that January 1st means a new beginning? Or a new chapter? Or a fresh start?

Why can’t March 3rd symbolize the same thing? How come, after the worst week of your life, you can’t decide to start over, even if it’s a Wednesday and it isn’t celebrated world-wide?

Oh wait… you can.

Undoubtedly, there is something magical about New Years Eve. It probably has to do with the fact that the calendar date changes. It definitely has to do with the fact that as a society we have created the concept of time, which happens to restart on the same day every year when the clock hits midnight.

But, I am personally willing to argue that you don’t need to wait until January 1st to start a new chapter in your life. You don’t have to count down the minutes until midnight to finally feel like the weight has been lifted off your almost life-less body. And you definitely don’t have to carry around all the stress and heartache each year only to be released when the ball drops in time square.

January 1st is no more significant then July 17th. Or September 12th. Or any other day that you wake up and decide to start over.

So this year I challenge you to celebrate “New Years Eve” every single time you think you need to start over.

I encourage you to start as many chapters as you need this year, especially if it means closing the book on all the pain that you are experiencing.

Society has led us to believe that the only day you can truly start over and get a fresh start is January 1st and I believe we should all challenge this norm; because if I have to be honest here, I could have used at least 10 fresh starts in 2015 and I have come to realize that I should have created them myself… without the rest of society celebrating with me.

So tonight when the clock finally strikes midnight, I won’t make the resolution to work out more, or eat healthier, or have less emotional break downs over things I can’t change like I have every year in the past.

But instead I will make a promise to myself to celebrate as many new years eves as I want over the next 365 days. I will promise myself that I won’t hold the stress and heartache all year long but instead I will pick myself up off the floor and wait for the clock to hit midnight again, and I will celebrate a new chapter, even if I am celebrating on a Tuesday night.



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