It doesn’t matter, because it’s Christmas.

I have been having an exceptionally bad week.

To begin, I wrote my last exam on SATURDAY – why universities think it’s acceptable to make exams on the weekend, especially 5 days before Christmas, completely blows my mind. But, whatever it is wrote and the course is over pending a passing grade.

Then Monday rolls around and I jump back into work, which kind of sucks because lets face it I haven’t worked in 4 months, but on the other hand I love my little gym and I would be lying if I said being back here didn’t completely improve the quality of my Christmas break – even if it is taking away from my de-stress time.

Now lets fast forward to Tuesday where I get the news that I am fighting a pretty major sinus infection, which paired very nicely with the common flu, and resulted in antibiotics, inflammation pills, some nasty nasal spray, and more eye drops than I care to ever count.

And now it’s Thursday – one of my most favourite days because it is Christmas Eve and I am at work for the next 6 hours… This is new to me. Being an adult sucks – if I haven’t made the clear in any of my other blog posts.

I got one of the worst sleeps last night because the antibiotics are still currently loosing the war in my body, and my dog (who weighs significantly more than the average female) decided he was going to snore at the same volume as a boat horn and run around my bedroom like he was training for a Christmas marathon all night… sounds peaceful doesn’t it?

Not to mention this December just hasn’t been very festive. There is no snow, the words “Merry Christmas” are officially frowned upon because they may offend certain people, and all my energy has been going towards school instead of Christmas activities like I used to get when I was younger.

I grumbled out of bed this morning, dragged my sick and tired ass to work to find a very wonderful Christmas surprise. Earlier this week, on my first shift back after 4 months away at school, I gave one of the female gym members a ponytail off my wrist – I’m a girl, I’ve been there, I know how annoying long hair can be especially when you’re trying to lift heavy stuff – so when she asked I instantly reached to the one on my arm, although I always like a spare, I couldn’t justify giving her a rubber band that would undoubtedly rip her hair out at the end of the day. But now, back to the point, the first thing I saw this morning when I unlocked the door, was a full pack of the same quality pony tails with a lovely note from a very thankful gym member.

It was a small gesture, and to some people I know it seems really silly, but after the week that I’ve been having, and the way that I have been feeling, it was exactly what I needed to remind me just what time of year it is.

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter that I am sick, because I have the resources to get me better.

It really doesn’t matter that for the first time in my life I am working on Christmas Eve, because I am lucky enough to both love my job and all the members that I get to see this holiday season.

And it really doesn’t matter that my dog kept me up all night because I can sleep for the next three days and my tea is quite delicious this morning. Not to mention I would definitely miss my fur baby if he wasn’t in my room guarding me as I sleep.

So through all the good times and all the bad, Merry Christmas to everyone out there – please don’t forget what a magical time of year it is like I did for majority of this month.


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