A Student’s Christmas.

The exams are finally over.
I’ve slammed shut all the books.
All my study notes spilled over –
They have all became  unhooked.

Apparently it’s Christmas time…
Depending who you ask.
It’s described commonly as downtime
And peaceful nights at last…

However, there is a special breed of humans all stressed out.
They often pull “all nighters”
Lack of sleep is common,
There’s no doubt.

They’re referred to as the students
The lazy ones that do not sleep.
Wait… that’s not right,
They are the stressed out ones that weep.

Assignments upon assignments
And tests upon tests.
Everything is left till last minute…
Refinements just aren’t met.

One final copy to write.
One more chapter to read.
Sadly this amounts to one less hour of sleep.

Such a hard task that is often overlooked.
Students don’t have it easy,
When it comes to being hooked to the books.

December doesn’t equal Christmas inside the four school walls.
It often means sickness and endless phone calls.

But somehow all twenty chapters were read
And all our exams were handwritten.

Now our suitcases are packed
And our brains are no longer being attacked.
Honestly, I feel like I’ve been smacked –
And all my thoughts are abstract.

In fact, it could be argued that my brain really might be dead.
But, if anyone needs me… I’ll be in my bed.

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