It’s Not About Likes.

There is a picture that has been circulating on the internet that reads: “the number of “followers” you have doesn’t matter. Hitler had millions. Jesus had twelve.”

I have no idea if these numbers are accurate. I wasn’t around personally for either of these world changing events. However, it does help bring current day social media into perspective.

We are a generation that is obsessed with social media, technology, and staying connected. Most people now a days base their self-value depending on how many people “like” their Facebook selfie or “follow” their Instagram account or “retweet” their twitter updates.

I am guilty of being part of this fad. In fact, I follow accounts on Instagram who are run by 14 year olds, that have 6 thousand people watching everything they do. Which I am sure gives you a sense of worth and appreciation. I am sure it feels great when there are 4000 strangers telling you that you are pretty and “goals” for them, but in a way it’s also extremely creepy and a little sad. However, I can’t say this with absolute certainty because I have never even come close to having that many people follow me – so I am being honest when I am just assuming this is how this semi-famous social media accounts feel. In fact to put it into perspective one girl today posted on Instagram that she almost had a heart attack because she thought her account got hacked which seemed a little over dramatic to me, but then again she has 62.7 thousand people following her and I have 416.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that our generation is so dependent on compliments from strangers. I don’t see anything wrong with it when random people are making me feel good about myself, but I know for a fact I would never want my own daughter judging her beauty on a superficial number, nor would I want my son commenting on a young girls post saying he would love to date her when he’s only ever seen edited versions of her face and body.

There are so many things wrong with putting so much of our self worth in the hands of strangers.

Lets take a moment to consider the fact that our social media accounts give us false security. Relationships never last anymore because it is way too easy to walk away. Think about it for a minute – do you really think your relationship or marriage is ever going to last now a days? I don’t. It has become way to easy to log onto your account after a fight and talk to all these people who compliment you every single time you post a picture. It’s WAY to easy to cheat because you have about 4 different accounts where you can private message hundreds of other people. Unfortunately what you don’t realize is that these strangers that comment giving you promises and the idea of the perfect commitment don’t know half the effort it takes, in person, to make a relationship work with you. But you’re willing to throw away the one person who is fighting to make it work, and knows how you function in person, because on social media everything is sunshine and rainbows.

To sum it up extremely simply – PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA DON’T KNOW YOU. And I am willing to bet that if they knew you in person they would walk away at the first fight. That they wouldn’t be able deal with your emotional break downs. And that they might not like your bare-face and un-brushed hair in the morning.

The reality of it is something needs to change, somehow we need to break free of this fad and focus on the relationships that are actually real. Focus on the people who are standing right in front of you. The ones that know what your hair looks like when you desperately need to shower. The same ones that have seen your face completely unedited on a daily bases and still call you beautiful.

STOP putting all your time and effort into people who have only seen a tiny piece of you. The best possible edited version of you. That’s not real life. Social media is not real life. So STOP letting it be the most important thing about you.

At the end of the day it truly doesn’t matter how many people follow you on social media, what matters is how many people would follow you in real life. And last time I checked a compliment in person from the people who love you means a million times more than the typed comment from a stranger under an overly edited selfie.


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