My Best Intersts At Heart??

For the last two years I have been a loyal and committed university student.

I have paid all my bills on time – tuition, textbooks, residence, meal plan, parking pass, etc.

I have shown up prepared to class 9/10 times.

I have handed in assignments either before the due date, or on time every single time.

I have studied for all tests and exams.

And I can honestly say that I have put forth 100% of my best effort since day 1.

However, I don’t believe that my university has my best interest at heart.

In fact, if I have to be totally honest, I feel like I am an abusive relationship. I give all my money, time, and commitment to this lovely place and what does it give me in return? More expenses, no leeway, and absolutely no compassion. For the sake of my argument, I will give you three examples where my university gave me a “royal fuck you”:

  1. At the beginning of the school year I paid around $400 to be able to park at my campus everyday in order to get an education. Before you ask, taking the bus was not an option for me simply because I live in the country where the buses do not venture out too. Last week, I used my moms vehicle because mine was in the shop – no problems at all – all I had to do was transfer my parking pass into her dash window. But, today when I got to school I realized that I forgot my silly piece of paper back home – a full hour and a half away. Instantly I went to the parking office to explain my situation to her and the woman’s response? Well it went something like this: “there’s nothing I can do to help you, you are going to have to pay for parking every day until you go home and pick up your parking pass from your mom.”

    Wicked! As a broke, un-working student I totally have the money to pay an extra $7 a day on top of the $400 I already gave you guys – no problem, thanks for all your help!

  2. For my second example I am going to bring into consideration the teacher assistants that mark all of my assignments for a class they don’t even teach. Normally this doesn’t bug me, however, it is been made evident this year that every TA marks differently and I just happened to pick the TA that is by far the hardest marker that I have ever crossed paths with. Again, this isn’t a huge issue because she is raising my standards for assignments, but instead of giving us the option to redeem ourselves she is taking our first 5 marks and whatever you get is what you get. It doesn’t matter that you can choose to complete any 5 out of the 9 given assignments, it doesn’t matter that you could get a 20% on one, it doesn’t even matter if you do the first 5 and definitely have the time and knowledge to complete some of the later assignments – the first five marks are your marks, no leeway, no second chances, no chance to raise your failing grade.

    Basically goodluck trying to figure out how your TA marks, what your TA wants, and how to complete an assignment up to her standards. More importantly, goodluck trying to figure all of that out and being successful before it’s too late.

  3. And finally the amount of money comes into play again. I am assuming that most of my tuition costs goes towards paying my professors. I have no problem with this because obviously they are teaching me information that I wouldn’t be as successful learning without them. However, my professors are constantly cancelling lectures and permanently canceling seminars.

    So now where is all my money going? Towards empty lecture halls and absent teachers.


To my university I am just a number. I am a random name in a data base. I am just one more envelope of money that keeps the university doors open and the lights on.

The only time my university ever checks up on me is if a payments coming up, or a parking ticket is over due.

My university, the place where I am suppose to have the best years of my life, couldn’t care less about me as a person and truly only cares about the amount of money they can grab out of my already empty bank account.

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