27 Reasons Why My Best Girlfriend Will Always Be Better Than My Boyfriends.

The other night my best friend texted me that she is waiting for the day when we have a big enough fight for her to make my blog. However, I can count the number of fights that we have had on my one hand and none of them have even come close enough for me to need to vent through the internet. So instead I present to you, 27 reasons why my best girlfriend will always be better than any of my boyfriends:

  1. She doesn’t care if I haven’t shaved my legs in 3 weeks. In fact she will still sleep in the same bed with me because lets be honest, she probably hasn’t shaved her legs either.
  2. She will always be there to help deal with the heartbreak. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what she is doing she will always pick up her phone or respond to her texts.
  3. She never judges me on how much food I eat.
  4. She never looks at me funny when I grab both cookies AND chips from the grocery store – if anything she just grabs a few extra flavors and turns it into a binge night.
  5. She never thinks I’m crazy – even when I truly am acting crazy.
  6. She ALWAYS picks my side. Even if deep down I know I am in the wrong and being totally unreasonable she always stands behind me ready to support whatever battle it is that I am fighting.
  7. She supports my crazy OCD tendencies even if they are time consuming and annoying.
  8. She gets excited over matching halloween costumes … and realistically I’d rather couple costume with her than some boy anyway.
  9. In fact, she likes to match on random other occasions as well. It’s never a big deal if we both end up wearing the same sweater… and the same pants…
  10. We can share clothes.
  11. She only ever steals my socks… all other items I get back at some point. This goes both ways.
  12. She is always up for a bestfriend “couple” photo shoot.
  13. She listens to all the pointless drama in my life… and actually enjoys too listen.
  14. She truly listens to what I am saying at least 9 out of 10 times.
  15. She understands that I am not a morning person and instead of trying to engage in chipper conversation she just pushes a tea into my hand as we leave the house in silence.
  16. She is always up for an entire night full of Netflix, even if it means re-watching friends episodes for the 28th time.
  17. I can always count on her to like my Instagram photo even when it’s just another shameless selfie.
  18. She will pretend to be my lesbian lover and fight off any creepy guys at the bars or restaurants or the few that just lurk behind their computer screens and comment on everything.
  19. We can officially communicate effectively with facial expressions and grunts.
  20. She understands when I need my space and quietly leaves my room until I come and seek her out again.
  21. Whenever I get random ideas on home-based spa treatments, such as plastering coconut oil in my hair so that I look like a greasy pirate she happily joins me.
  22. Whenever our mutual space is dirty she helps me clean it, even if neither one of us will admit to making the mess.
  23. We haven’t started our conversation with “Hey” for at least 6 months because we have never run out of things to talk about.
  24. She has been accepted into my family as an honorary sister, which means her effort with my mom was 1000X better than any boy as ever attempted
  25. She stays up past her bedtime if I’m upset.
  26. She sends me 100 of different “pins” of hair styles and ideas when I ask for her advice, even though we both know I will probably never venture away from my natural blonde.
  27. She came into my life when I needed her the most and she has never ever threatened to walk away since.

Ironic huh? You got your blog post, but it was the complete opposite of what you were expecting.
Thank you for all these 27 reasons plus one thousand more that make you my bestfriend.


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