Happy Tinder-ing.

I am willing to bet that every person between the ages of 17 and 25 have been on Tinder. Maybe not personally, but I bet they’ve stolen their friends phones and swiped right a 1000 times in a row without looking. Or they downloaded it for a confidence boost after a terrible heartbreak, even if the app only lasted a total of 3hrs before you got fed up again. Or maybe you downloaded it to embrace your inner party side and are using the app to its full potential. Or maybe, just maybe, you are socially awkward and would rather meet people online instead of walking up to them in the library or the gas station…

Either way, the moral of that paragraph is that, I am willing to bet that everyone between the age of 17 and 25 have been on Tinder at least once.

So when you break it down and look at the cold hard facts what is the dating app Tinder really teaching society? From my own personal short lived relationship with Tinder this is what I have concluded:


  1. If you want to swipe right make sure all of your pictures show off your body.
  2. Also your make-up should be completely flawless in every single pictures.
  3. Making your bio about “daddy issues” can pretty much guarantee that you are going to get matches.
  4. Also attaching your snapchat username and Instagram profile will help your social media seriously grow.


  1. Make sure at least one picture is a shirtless gym selfie because for some reason that is extremely important.
  2. Your car, or truck, or whatever vehicle that girls are never going to be able to amount to should also be included.
  3. Pictures of baby animals – anywhere from dogs to tigers will automatically make every single girl swipe right.
  4. DON’T include pictures of you with another girl, it pretty much tells everyone that you’re a fuckboy from the very beginning.

In summary, every single profile is based off of superficial appearances. It doesn’t really matter if you have an education, ambition, or goals, but you better make sure that every single selfie you post could be blown up, examined with a fine tooth comb, and still be the best picture you ever took.

Happy Tinder-ing.

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