The Sad Truth About Mental Illness.

Almost everyday I wake up and I hear about someone who lost their battle to mental illness, or I read a text from a friend who I know spent the entire night watching the minutes tick by – too scared to close their eyes, or I personally spend my entire night on my bedroom floor with tears flowing so viciously from my eyes.

Almost every day I am reminded, with a cold hard slap, how awful and terrible this world is. And I am reminded of all the people who suffer in silence, and all the battles that get left un-fought.

Mental illness is not a joke.

Honestly it is a sensitive topic, that most of the time gets ignored. And even though it is being talked about more, and accepted on a broader scale, it is still a disease that most people suffer in silence. There are so many meme’s on the internet that focus on making it into a joke. There were Halloween costumes this year that gave people the chance to dress up as “anorexic” girls.

For the most part the world tells us that mental illness is a choice, and it’s all in our mind, and if you suffer from depression, or an eating disorder, or even a personality disorder then you are just weak and insecure.

But it is not a choice.

No body chooses to hate their body so much that they skip every meal.
No body chooses to feel so disconnected from the world, and so far gone that they have to kill themselves in order to handle their problems.
No body chooses to feel so anxious and awkward in a group of people that they throw up 6 times before leaving the house or take a handful of pills just to be able to face the crowd.

In 2015 Mental Illness Awareness Week was October 4-10th and I can personally say I was unaware of this. I can honestly admit that the ONLY reason I know about mental illness awareness week is because I just searched it on Google.

I am a girl that used to suffer with social anxiety, and still suffers with depression, and I didn’t even know about a week that is suppose to be dedicated to my problems.

Mental illness is not something that we should be ashamed about.
Nor is it something that should be hidden.

The other day I stumbled across a post off of tumblr, it read:

Bulimia isn’t a long haired pretty girl bending over a toilet with a tragically beautiful face on it.
It’s a puffed miserable face with vomit dripping from it’s chin and a fucking nose bleed.
Anorexia isn’t a slim figure shyly refusing a cupcake.
It’s hair growing over your freezing malnourished body.
Depression isn’t a model with running mascara staring into the sunset.
It’s staring at the fucking ceiling at 4 in the morning with burning eyes because you can’t even find the motivation to close them.
Self harm isn’t lovely boys kissing your arms telling you you’re still beautiful.
It’s nasty fucking scars that will be there forever and showers that sting.
Panic attacks aren’t burying your face into your lovers chest and them telling you everything will be okay.
It’s feeling out of control and like oxygen has been taken from you.
Mental illnesses aren’t beautiful.
They don’t make you special and they don’t make people suddenly care about you.
They’re monsters that destroy lives.
So stop taking them lightly and promoting them to impressionable teenagers on the damn internet.

Source: runawaylon3r.

Please don’t feel like you’re alone anymore.
And please don’t feel like you need to suffer in silence.

Mental illness is something that needs to be faced together because too many people lose when fighting by themselves.

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