Just some worn out, over played idea.

I am tired of the word love.
Tired by the concept.
Tired by the worn out, over played idea of it.
And extremely tired of the people who say it.

I grew up reading about love in fairy-tales.
Watching love in movies.
And shadowing the love that was always between my family members.

I grew up thinking that love was magical.
That it was that one special word that could end all arguments,
And change all dynamics.

But now, what I’ve come to realize, is that love is a word that cowards throw around when they are too scared to own up to their own mistakes.

Love is suddenly just this empty word.
This idea that has been blown up and over-exaggerated.
This special something that everyone strives for.
This concept that doesn’t actually exist.

Realistically love is just a word that people say when they really just want to say goodbye.

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