Move In Day

So I can acknowledge that I have been a little M.I.A lately.

I have a few reasons for this – only one, however, that is actually valid. I fractured my right wrist leaving me unable to write, or type unless I hold my fairly large cast at a very awkward angle and then my arm gets tired – to be honest even this post is exhausting me and I’ve had at least three weeks to get used to the extra weight attached to my limb.

And the other reason being is that it is September and that means all the hectic activities that come with moving, back to school, and getting used to having to cook your own meals again. You would think that since this is the third year that I have packed up and fled the nest that it would get easier – but if you thought this then you would be wrong because every year it sucks just as much as the year before.

Regardless my absence leads us to this very day… move in day.
Today I packed up all my most important belongings – excluding my dog – loaded it into two cars, and headed back to university.

A new chapter – Second year – Let the games begin.

This year I moved in with an older couple, who live on a farm, where my horse can be seen from my bedroom window (once my wrist is healed and I can actually move her here for good). Ideally this is the perfect living situation for a small country girl who has a very old soul. And I am trying to stay optimistic because I have only been here for 9 hours so far and that’s really not long enough to base my official decision on how this living situation is going to pan out over the next 8 months.

On the other hand, 9 hours is long enough to provide to you a small but detailed pros and cons list.

Everyone always wants the good news first, but I prefer to end on a good note so to start here are my current “cons” 9 hours into my new home.

1. I had to carry two car loads up very old, very narrow, and very scary wooden stairs.
2. There is not a curtain in my room and I will be lucky if the sunlight lets me sleep past 6 a.m.
3. My bedroom window will NOT close – which currently isn’t a problem, however winter is right around the corner and I don’t do cold well.
4. Internet might as well be non-existent.
5. There is a cat. Actually there are two – and they hate each other. But most importantly the little orange one – who’s name I cannot remember or pronounce but it does mean popcorn in some language – has claimed my room as his own. To give you an idea of  how awful this cat is, I allowed him into my space for 5 minutes and in that time he knocked over 3 picture frames, clawed through the screen in the window, pounced on my head, knocked over two bins in my closet and then left – because clearly I was boring him.

1. It is in the country and I feel way more in my element than I ever would in an apartment building in town.
2. Carol and Jim are lovely people.
3. I have the entire upstairs to myself.
4. They made me both tea and apple crisp today.
5. They bought me my own bottle of ranch dressing as a welcome present (this might not seem like a huge deal  but it’s basically a one way ticket into my  heart).
6. My  best friend lives 10 minutes down the road from me and also stayed by my side today for the initial hours after I arrived.
7. My room is massive and set up quite wonderfully
8. I have mini eggs and cuddly blankets so if all as fails I know these two things wont.
9. I was invited to family dinner tonight and it wasn’t completely awkward and I actually felt mildly accepted.

I feel confident in the fact that I can find more pros than cons so far.

But as of right now, if I had to tell you honestly, I am just thankful for my warm bed, and my best friend who is minutes away whenever I need her.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be cuddled up  with my stuffy avoiding an emotional breakdown because the first night is always the hardest… right?

  • Jane

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