Due to some unforeseeable circumstances my right arm was immobilized and casted early on Friday morning. Originally I thought the agonizing pain that was shooting through my entire body was definitely going to be the worst of my experience, but within the last three days while I’ve only had the function of my practically useless left arm I have concluded that there are way worse things then the pain that piggy backs with the original snap of the bone.

  • X-rays are the devil. I swear to god satan created that awful metal machine as a personal hell for every injured person out there.
  • Showers are practically impossible. Once you tie your arm in a plastic bag and then still have to angle half your body out of the water anyway.
  • Don’t even think about washing your hair. Just don’t. It’s not gonna happen.
  • Driving = No
  • Getting dressed by yourself = No
  • As for make-up, one eye will look awesome and the other will look like your 4 year old sister did it. When people ask, and they will, just let them believe you were teaching the young.
  • Sleeping becomes a constant game of trying to lay very still without shifting any of your body weight. Basically just pretend you’re a vampire sleeping in a coffin.
  • You absolutely cannot put on a bra by yourself.
  • If you have the appetite to eat, anything at all, someone will have to cut your food for you.
  • You literally cannot do anything with your hair except for brush it… and if you’re like me then your moms standards of a pony tail just aren’t going to cut it.
  • Pain medication won’t actually ease the pain.

Like I mentioned, I’ve only had this cast on for three days and I’ve already threatened to cut it off 27 times. If not more. Wishing for good news on Tuesday … I’m not sure how long I can survive without the full function of my right arm.


One thought on “Broken.Limbs

  1. Funny one. Glad to see you have found something good to come from this. Love you and good night. Always here for you if you need me.

    Cindy Sent from my iPhone


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