5 Places You Absolutely Don’t Want To Go On A First Date.

Since I’m (kinda) recently back into the dating game.. and by kinda I mean forcing myself out of the house so that I don’t become a heartbroken hermit, I figured I would share with you guys 5 places where I absolutely would NOT ever want to go on a first date.

  1. A Wedding
    Wait… you mean you don’t want to meet the entire extended family before you even know the guys birthday?
  2. A Funeral
    Miswell go from one extreme to the other – no better way to start a relationship by meeting the entire family while grieving over a human you’ve never even met.
  3. The Movies
    No better way to get to know someone than sitting through a two hour movie in complete silence
  4. The Bar
    Awesome place to meet someone… probably not the best way to see if your compatible.
  5. The Vets
    You’re probably not going to get much attention if all their attention is on their pet

To be honest this topic was a lot harder than I was expecting it to be… Do you guys have any horror stories or places that you would absolutely say NO to if someone asked you to go on a first date there?

And PS. Goodluck to all my fellow daters who hates dates just as much as I do.

  • Jane.

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