Wiggling Free.

I woke up this morning and your absence was still noticeable.
My queen bed felt massive, but not necessarily as big as it did yesterday.
My head was pounding, but I was able to shake it off a little quicker in this mornings fog.

I knew that you were gone, but I didn’t feel like I was drowning.
In fact, I think I felt like I was starting to surface.
There is still a long way until I broke through the top of the ocean,
But I don’t think my feet were being held down like anchors anymore.

My fingers ached to text you, just like they’ve done every day since you left.
The difference is though, today I didn’t even type out a draft.
In fact, I didn’t even type your name into my search bar.

I’m starting to realize that maybe you didn’t consume me as much as I thought.
And that maybe there is still hope to break free from your grasp.

Slowly I’m wiggling away from a boy who won’t even notice when I’m really gone.

One thought on “Wiggling Free.

  1. Happy to hear that you are moving forward. Love you and your strength so very much. Xoxo Your greatest admirer.

    Cindy Sent from my iPhone


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