8 Things That Are Completely (kinda) Acceptable During a Heartbreak

I am currently an emotional wreck. And I mean the littlest thing could send my body crumbling to the floor and my eyes cry more tears than I thought would be possible because of a boy. But now I am living proof that boys can make you cry more than spilling grape juice all over your new white tank top.

So here are 8 things that I have deemed completely acceptable when your heart is in one million pieces.

1. Eating ice-cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
In fact, if I am being perfectly honest with you this tiny snack sized McFlurry from McDonald’s is the only thing that has entered my body in the last 24+ hours and it has lasted me for 6 or 7 meals. And I am not ashamed that ice-cream is the only thing I am willing to eat – in fact I am quite happy with the delicious dessert that I am eating, guilt free, whenever the hell I please, simply because I can. And lets get real here, ice-cream does make everything better.

2. Messy pony-tails and smudged make up are OK.
Realistically who cares if your mascara is a little runny or if your baby hairs are completely out of control? You got out of bed didn’t you? I would argue that that is a pretty big accomplishment today. Besides you don’t really care what you look like right now, and you don’t really care if the cute guy at the gym noticed you today, so throw your hair on the top of your head and wear yesterdays make up with pride – at least you got out of bed.

3. Netflix is OK too.
Say for example you didn’t make it out of bed today, I know that I didn’t yesterday, then that’s OK too. If all you want to do is cry along with your favourite fictional characters then that is exactly what you should do.

4. Forgetting to charge your phone is normal
Normally I am very attached to my phone. It is kinda like a third limb. I plug it in as soon as I go to bed, and I unplug it as soon as I get up in the morning. But today when I rolled over at 7am I noticed that my phone was both lost and very dead. And for the first time in years, I didn’t even care.

5. Crying whenever and wherever will be completely out of your control
I think this one is self-explanatory. And probably the worst one.

6. Ignoring your concerned friends and family members
I will the be first the preach that sometimes you need a little you time. Realistically no one is going to be able to understand your heartbreak or how it hurts to even breathe now that he is gone – so take a break. Ignore your texts, and the phone calls, and the knocks at your bedroom door. But only do it for 1 day. Because they love you, and they can help you even if you don’t want it right now.

7. Stocking his social media.
This is the kinda. It’s not really acceptable – but we all do it.

We do it. But we shouldn’t. It doesn’t help to see what girls pictures he’s liked – or if he’s deleted your couple photos yet. Just don’t do it. If you have any strength and will-power at all use it to not type his name into your search engine.

8. Focusing on the awful things instead of all the good memories
This is a healthy thing to do, and it makes it hurt less. Don’t focus about that one time he danced around your kitchen with you or how he introduced you to his entire family. Think about the words that he spit at you as he turned his back and walked away. Think about how he abandoned you and left you crying on your floor. Focus on the fights and how stubborn he was. Don’t you dare focus on the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place.

Goodluck my fellow heartbreaks – I know the pain you’re going through.

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