Summer Lovin’

“Summer seems a little different this year”
She said this as the warm afternoon sun blew her hair back over her eyes.
Instantly her fingers ran through it – putting it back into proper position.

She was right after all – summer was a little different this year.

I took a moment to take in my surroundings.
Unable to ignore the fact that the sky was a lot less bluer then it was last year at this time.
And if I had to be perfectly honest the sun didn’t kiss my skin as fiercely this year either.
And every colour seemed to be a lot more dull that’s for sure.

By the time I looked her direction again – after taking into consideration the semi-green grass and the faded red fire hydrants –
I noticed something I had never really noticed before.

She stared at me with vibrant blue eyes that put the damn ocean to shame.
And when her smile slowly started to emerge across her face, revealing a perfect line of pearly white teeth, I realized that the sun didn’t shine less, just that she shone so much more.

I slowly shook my head, unable to hid my grin, and repeated back to her
that “yes, indeed, summer seemed a little different this year.”

But if I have to be perfectly honest with you
it had nothing to do about summer
and everything to do with the girl sitting in front of me.

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