The 6 Stages of Exhaustion

1. Your alarm goes off. Your eye lids slowly flutter open and the headache starts instantly. It’s game time.
Roll over – fall out of bed – and crawl to the bathroom.
Walking would take too much energy – just crawl – no one will judge you.
it’s time to face the day.

2. Your first bit of energy happens – this normally happens for me after I’ve eaten breakfast and I am jamming out on my way to work.
This isn’t going to be so bad – the headaches barley noticeable – in fact, you feel pretty great
At least this is the same line that you tell yourself every morning at that god-awful hour

3. Your first break of the day. This should be a good thing right?
A heavy weight starts to settle over your body. Your feet begin to ache. Your headache gets even worse – how is this even possible because the one you woke up with was pretty brutal to begin with – Your eyelids disobey you and slowly begin to close on the bright sunshine of the day.

4. You literally cannot function anymore. Luckily there is time for a small cat nap.
20 minutes – in the parking lot before you start your next shift. It’s better than nothing though.
Trust me.

5. Caffeine – so much caffeine. In fact the people at the local Tim Hortons officially know your name, and your car, and your order, and how you’re going to pay.
“Medium or Large Tea today mam?”
Always go with the large – the medium will not be enough.

6. Bedtime. Finally.
Your head finally hits the pillow. Your feet feel like they are singing a thank you directly to your heart. Your headache is finally gone.
Your friends will make fun of you for going to bed while it’s still daylight out.
However if you fall asleep right now you might managed to get a full 7 hours before you repeat this dreadful routine tomorrow.

Goodluck to all my struggling followers who are just like me – working all summer in hopes to be able to pay university tuition this fall.

Two jobs sucks, but at least I can find comfort in the fact that a lot of you guys are probably juggling all this too.

It’s 6:30 p.m. can I go to bed yet?

– Jane.

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