The Truth About Becoming An Adult

Growing up I couldn’t wait to actually grow up.
Have my own job – make my own money.
Have my own car – drive wherever I wanted to.
Not have any rules – do whatever the hell I wanted.
No bed time – I think this is the one I was most excited about

However, now I have actually entered the world of adulthood – and by entered I mean I have opened the door, took two or three steps inside, tried desperately to run back out the door before it closed and am now trapped with absolutely no escape plan.

I learned, very quickly, that adulthood is absolutely nothing like I imagined growing up. Instead it consists of responsibilities that you cannot escape no matter how much you try to avoid them. A paycheque that goes directly towards bills. And a bedtime that is way earlier than it ever was when your parents used to enforce it.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

As you know, if you have read some of my other posts, I am going through university to get an English-journalism joint major degree. The program is wicked. It goes from September until May every year and then (because I am so extra lucky) I also add on 6 weeks in the summer. On top of that – something that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before – I ride and own a horse. A young horse at that, which requires a lot of my time and attention. So obviously, as I’m sure you can guess, I have a lot of expenses. Which leads us to this rant about adulthood.

I only get approximately 2.5 months of summer. Most other university student get 4. This means most student jobs start when I start my college semesters – in other words, I lose most summer employment opportunities. However this summer I managed to do pretty good…

I somehow managed to score two part time jobs that evidently add up to one full time job. But of course there is a catch. Every weekday morning I wake up way earlier then I would like to and drive my butt across town where I spend four hours cleaning horse stalls and other random jobs around a random farm. I just started today and let me tell you I am already completely exhausted and counting down the days until September when I head back to school.

Then I drive home as quickly and safely as I can. Jump in the shower. Shovel as much food into my mouth as I can and hop back into my car.

I then head to my gym job. Normally 6 hour shifts. Close up and head straight to my barn to exercise my horse.

So basically I went from working 6 hours a day and napping as much as I wanted, to working 14 hours a day. However I think my bank account will thank me – even if I never see the money because it goes directly to school or horse payments.

Like I mentioned before, this is only day 1 of juggling two jobs but I survived it and got a pretty good idea on what the rest of my summer is going to look like…

Hell. It’s going to look and feel like hell.

So in conclusion, what I have learned from personal experience, adulthood basically means all work. no fun. no time to spend the money that realistically needs to go straight to university. no time to do anything that you want to do because you can’t afford to book shifts off work and it’s too hard to plan around them. and early bedtimes – because by 9 p.m. you’re really too exhausted to keep your eyes open any longer.

But I’m excited, even if I don’t sound like it.
And I have accepted the fact that I HAVE to become an adult eventually so I might as well just do it now.
But if I have to be perfectly honest with everyone – it isn’t anything like I pictured it when I was a child.
And if you haven’t entered it yet – run from it for as long as you possibly can.


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