The First Hiccup Of Second Year

Today – at exactly 7 a.m. – course selection for second year university courses opened up.
This should be an exciting thing – time to plan your next step and become a little bit closer to that bright future that we’re all striving for.
As most of you know I am in a joint-major program. This means that my university layout is different from all of my peers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that my course schedule would take more time, but it does take a little bit more planning since I am aiming to finish most, if not all, of my university credits by the summer of 2016.

So me, being the planner that I am, have had my layout scheduled, planned, and ready to submit for the last five weeks. I kid you not, I have been extremely prepared for this 7 a.m. calling so I can ensure I am on the right track.

This of course brings us to my alarm this morning – at 6:45 a.m.
I slowly rolled out of bed, crawled to my computer and refreshed my virtual timetable builder page.
Realistically all I had to do was hit submit, thats it, it should have been simple.
But right as my finger hovered over the submit button, I noticed that 2 of my classes were held in Oshawa: which is a completely different campus, not to mention a completely different town, then where I will be living. Also I am not sure how my university expects me to get from one town to another, which is about an hour long drive, in the ten minutes of travel time they provide between classes.

So here we are, 5 minutes before 7 a.m. and all of a sudden, everything that I have had planned and ready doesn’t work. None of it. I am left with no courses, no options, and no time.

This is how you ensure a mental and emotional breakdown before 7 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.

You enrol yourself into university. Where all of a sudden they expect you to be independent. A university where they don’t tell you what courses you actually need. And where they don’t actually make sure there are enough seats or options available for your major requirements.

At 7:30 when I had finally completed my timetable for both the fall and winter semester there were 3 seats left available in my classes. And that was after I abandoned all hope of getting the classes I actually wanted to learn about. To be honest with you, I don’t even know what courses I am enrolled in – although I am pretty positive that they are english courses which should bring me closer to that piece of paper at the end of these very long four years.

Throughout the morning I have browsed the Facebook group dedicated to fellow classmates and read about their struggles, frustrations and how many people have already thrown their computers against the wall this morning and this completely excludes first year students, and all the second year students who were too busy working or getting beauty rest on this fine tuesday morning.

So to all my fellow classmates, and to all the university students who are stuck with none priority registration – good luck to you and to everyone who might have interact with you during your crazy-frusterated-school is the worst thing in the world state of my mind.

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