Fall In Love With The Boy

Fall in love with the boy who fits into your life. Don’t just look at how perfectly you get along with his friends, or how much you love his family. Think about how he makes an effort with your mom, and how hes willing to talk to your friends on the phone even though they’ve never yet met.

Fall in love with the boy that always makes you feel like a princess. ALWAYS. Don’t settle for more bad days than good. Fighting isn’t love – even if that’s what this twisted society has taught us.

Fall in love with the boy that apologizes. 100 times if that’s what you need. After those fights that don’t happen every day. But when they do, you know he’s still going to be standing there prepared to fight for you and for the relationship.

Always fall in love with the boy who fights for you. Whether its something little or big – you should never feel like you are easily replaceable.

Wait for the boy that calls you back when you hang up on him.

The one that texts you goodnight even when you’ve been fighting & ignoring him for three hours.

Fall in love with the boy who wants to know everything about you: your favourite colour, the day your parents got divorced, where you see yourself in six years.

Society has completely warped and changed the meaning of love. Suddenly love is all about who posts what on social media. Or how public your relationship is. If you guys don’t fight then it’s not really love because love has challenges – they are technically right – love does have challenges but it should never outweigh the good.

Love without limits, but always know your worth. Wait for the boy who turns your world completely upside down and makes you realize just how boring rainy Sunday’s were before him. But also the boy who makes you fall even more in love with sunny Saturdays.

Fall in love with the boy who is ready to fall in love with you too.

One thought on “Fall In Love With The Boy

  1. Love the newest blog. Especially the comment about making an effort with your mom.

    Have a beautiful day, my very talented Aspiring Journalist!!!

    Love you

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