An Experiment With Sci-Fi

I am four years old. Most of the people around me don’t listen to what I say. I am too young to understand how this world works. I am too little to make a difference. I am just a baby. At least, this is what people around me believe, but I know the truth.

3 weeks ago my life changed completely. It started out as a normal day, let me take you there: it is Saturday and it is sunny. I am wearing pink shorts, a white tank top, and my curly blonde hair is tied up into my sun hat. The most important thing that you need to know about this day is that I am a normal, happy, carefree four year old. My parents took me to the local fair; there were big flashy rides, sweet sticky candy, and lots and lots of games. I was in paradise. I ran from ride to ride dragging my mom by the hand, my dad snapping pictures from the sidelines. Absolutely nothing could go wrong, today was a perfect day, but then it happened – the moment that changed my life.

It was time to ride my horse. Show the world how awesome I was even for my age and size. I was excited, and I was ready. Helmet strapped on, heels pointed down, and my eyes looking forward. I was in this to win it. Then a gunshot released, from one of those games that I enjoyed several minutes earlier, and my horse was off running. I was doing pretty good, holding on for dear life, yet still completely in control. A woman jumped out in front of us, me and my favorite four-legged friend, and the next thing I remember was staring straight up into the bright blue sky.

I know you’re probably thinking that falling off my horse was the moment that changed my life that it installed a fear in me that I just couldn’t shake, but you would be wrong. What changed my life was the robotic arm that they gave me instead of just resetting my tiny little bone: “It’s better this way, the world is evolving, pretty soon we will all be cyborg – if anything we are just giving your daughter a head start”. That is what the doctors told my parents, and that is what my parents told me, but what those wonderful doctors left out was the knowledge that they imported into my little tiny four-year old brain.

I was no longer an average four year old with average four-year-old thoughts. I know everything. I know the answers to the hardest math questions. I know how to spell even the most complicated words, but there is a catch because there is always a catch. These doctors gave me knowledge but they took away my voice, and my ability to write – realistically they took away every form I had to communicate. They muted me, but they also gave me power.

The world is changing this much is true. I was living proof that the world around me is changing, but it was coming at a high cost. I was one of the first humans partially changed into a cyborg, and although I value the knowledge I have now, I have no freedom –no choice. I belong to the government and they were planning something bad.

Project C is what they called it. I know this because over half of the information they programmed into me revolved around it. The government planned to slowly take over the world, one broken bone at a time. With the power to change people into cyborgs, they held the power to control everyone. This meant, in their minds at least, no wars, no conflicts, and no freedom of speech. They wanted a world full of brainwashed robots and they were on the fast track to get them.

I started seeking ways to communicate, how to tell the world around me what was going on. But they caught on, and they took me away. They removed me from my family and they locked me far away. I am four years old, with the mind of a super genius, but I was taken away from my family and my life and I am technically just a baby. The control that the government wants, and the measure that they are taking to get it, isn’t fair and it isn’t right. I wish my story had a happy ending, that I could tell you I broke free and over-rode the government, but I didn’t or I haven’t yet. I have been locked in here for 7 days and I don’t know how many more are to follow but I hope eventually I’ll be able to break free.

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