Sneak Peak 3

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to convince you that there are time machines, or magic tunnels, or even space portals. What I am telling you, if you choose to listen, is that there is magic within you. There is so much magic inside each and every person that it can completely change your life. Like I’ve pointed out one thousand times already, it is about finding that magic and than applying it.

My first time was a fluke. I don’t know how I did it – I just did. One minute I was sitting peacefully in class and the next thing I knew I was in a whole different dimension. For the longest time when these episodes happened I thought that I just fell asleep – daydreaming even. When I was younger I didn’t know how to make sense of these trips, I didn’t know how to control them, I didn’t even believe they were real. In all honesty, my belief and my control over magic didn’t happen until I was much older. So technically, my real story and the story that I am sharing with you started when I was fifteen years old.

The building rang loudly with the first bell of the year, students shuffled quickly to class, locker doors being slammed and lastly classroom doors being closed. It was like a prison if you ask me, or even a zoo. The students had no say, and no control; our only job was to listen and to obey. This was easy enough for me, I already had my year planned out; do as I’m told, and draw as little attention to me as humanly possible. I was off to a really good start: my locker was hidden away, I kept my head down when I first made it through the doors, and now all I had to do was make it to home room on time. I spun around easily, threw my backpack up onto my shoulders and made my exist; it would have went perfectly, if I didn’t crash head first into him.

As of right now his name isn’t important. And honestly at the time I didn’t even know it. He was the new kid, moved to town over the summer. He didn’t have any friends yet, didn’t know where to go, he kept his eyes staring at the ground… just like me. I could feel my self starting to lose control, it felt the exact same as it did when I was six years old, and the same way it feels every time magic is about to take over my body. At that point in my life, I was still a prisoner to magic – it controlled me. I managed to catch his eyes before I completely lost control. What happened next surprised me though, because his eyes looked like coming home, and suddenly I didn’t need to go off into a different world to get a fresh breath of air, instead in that moment when his eyes were locked into mine it felt like I was already exactly where I was suppose to be.

Photo on 2015-04-22 at 12.13 PM

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