Comfortable in my own inked skin.

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Today it is completely normal to see both men and women with ink on their body. I personally have six tattoos, and my 7th tattoo appointment booked and waiting. I am only 19 years old. And I am a female. And I have thousands of people ask me: “why would you get a tattoo”, “why did you pick that tattoo”, “what’s the meaning behind them” or of course the most obvious response to tattoos: “you’re going to regret that when you’re older”.

My response to every single person who asks me about my tattoos is: “it is none of your damn business”.
I have tattoo’s all over my body, some of which have significant meaning and others just because I thought they would look really fucking cool. I got my first tattoo  when I was 14 years old and it is still my favourite one just because it holds so much meaning to me. I have had my tattoos for several years now and still think they look just as awesome as the day I got them. They help define me. They give me more confidence. They allow me to show artwork on my own skin.

I don’t get tattoos for other people. In fact, I don’t even think about what other people might think when I get them. Instead I think about how I feel. How I feel currently. How i’ll feel in 10 years. How i’ll feel when I’m 80 and all my tattoos are covered in wrinkles. And every time I think about how i’ll feel, no matter the time zone, I know that I will feel confident and happy.

My tattoos help define me. They are significant stamps that symbolize important obstacles or landmarks in my life. I personally don’t think anyone has the right to take this privilege away from me. It is my body, my choices, my decisions and honestly I love them.

I understand that no everybody will agree with my choices, or even like the ink that I choose to permanently scare my body with but in the end their opinion doesn’t actually matter to me. They aren’t the ones living with MY ink. I AM.

I figure if you can do something that is going to provide you more confidence or happiness then why the hell wouldn’t you do it? Some people dress in funky clothing, some people wear a lot of make up, some people get piercings. Whatever the symbol, it is that persons to own and wear and live with for the rest of their life.

Judgement from outsiders doesn’t effect our opinion on our ink, instead it effects our opinion on you. I would never judge a person, or look down on a person because they don’t have any tattoos – in fact when my friends or outsiders ask me if they should get one I tell them to really think it through because they are addictive and they are forever.

In my personal experience I have always hated my legs. They are the one body part that I can never come to full terms with. I have muscular athletic legs and I sometimes envy the girls who have tiny tooth pick legs especially in dresses. I currently have one tattoo on my left leg, and one tattoo planned for my right thigh. My tattoo’s give me the confidence to wear dresses even though I look 100X different then all the skinny girls. They make me stand out, and they make me happy and confident with the body that I was given.

I am more comfortable in my inked skin then I ever was without it. It almost doesn’t make sense because more people judge and stare at me now that I am “tatted up”, but for some reason I accept their stares without worry or cares. Ink isn’t for everyone, but it isn’t for specific people either. I am not a punk or a bad ass, I am a normal girl who works hard in school. Most people are shocked when they find out I have as many tattoos as I do. But in the end they make me who I am, they are apart of me, and it is my choice to show my artwork on my skin if thats what I choose to do.


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