Her brain is a maze and she is lost.
Her world is spinning faster and faster out of control.
She can’t keep her feet on the ground.
Within the snap of a finger her world went black and white.
Everything came crashing down.

She turns the music up louder.
Her legs begin to shake.
Even the lyrics can’t drown out the voices in her head.

Step one, she thinks, get through tonight.
Fall asleep.
Tell the world goodnight.
Be stronger than all the demons in your head.
Shut them out.
Don’t you dare let them win pretty girl.

Step two, run faster tomorrow.
Run farther tomorrow.
Out run all your memories so that they can’t haunt you at night.
All you have to do is run a little better.
Hide a little better.
Leave all the darkness behind.

Step three, forget.
Forget it all.
Forget the moments that make tears roll down your face.
Forget the song that made you smile.
Forget everything.

Step four, do everything in your power to win.
Don’t let the demons get ahead.
Don’t let the darkness get any darker.
Don’t let all those raw emotions consume you.
Make sure you’re strong enough to win.

She is stuck in her own mind. She is trapped in her own life. She has no one else to blame but herself.

– Jane

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