love is like peanut butter.

Imagine trying to describe something really simple to someone. Something like the taste of peanut butter – or even the smell. How do you even start? How do you describe peanut butter without just saying it smells and tastes like peanuts? You probably eat it on a daily bases, but how do you explain that to someone?

That’s how complicated and impossible it is to explain being in love. Its an impossible task. Unless you are in love, there is no explaining it to outsiders.

Being in love is looking at someone and already know exactly what they are thinking.
Being in love is being able to find full comfort just by the squeeze of a hand.
Being in love is always having someone in your corner.

It doesn’t mean you’re never going to fight, or want to beat them, or ignore them. But it means fighting FOR each other instead of against each other. It means not punching them – even if they deserve it. It means never facing anything by yourself.

Being in love is smiling for absolutely no reason.
It is laughing uncontrollably.
Being in love is being happy at least 90% of the time.

Being in love doesn’t mean you aren’t going to cry. It doesn’t mean that sometimes the laughing will be replaced with fighting. It doesn’t mean you won’t sometimes feel sad. But it means you have someone that, for the most part, is there to make even the worst of days better.

Being in love is seeing someone at their worst.
It is seeing someone for their true self.
Being in love is seeing someone deeper than their surface.

It means you accept someone fully. For all their flaws. It means you love them when they are dressed up, and when their face is bare from make up.

Being in love is knowing someones drink order and tea order.
More importantly it is knowing when to bring which one.
Being in love is knowing someone’s mood the instant you talk to them – and knowing how to handle it.

Being in love is a million different things. And it’s different for every single person. But all in all, being in love is personal, and it’s yours, and no body else is going to understand it. Except for you, and if someone ever tries to get you to explain it, and if anyone ever tries to convince you that your love isn’t real because it isn’t the same as theirs – ask them to describe peanut butter to you & maybe then they will understand that love is impossible to explain and different to everyone.

– Jane

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