A Letter To My Siblings.

National Siblings Day was today (April 10th) and it’s about time I told you about my four:

I had an older sister who would defend my honour in every way shape and form.
She would annoy me, and pick on me, and honestly most of our childhood we spent fighting in one way or another. But I knew that she always had my back – even if I ate all her chocolate while she was at school one day and she swore she would never talk to me again. We butt heads more growing up then I ever did with my brother. That might just be because we were both girls, or because we were closer in age, but regardless of the reason she was also always the first person to take me on shopping trips, and the first person to throw me back on a horse that literally just bucked me off. And on the nights when we fought so bad that we both ended up in tears, hiding behind our bedroom doors, I could always count on a letter. Without fail, every single time, a 3 page letter got slid under my door about an hour later telling me that I was the biggest pain in the butt but that she loved me anyway.

I always had a bodyguard growing up. I had a brother who would take a bullet for me. Don’t get me wrong, he also tormented the shit out of me, but by the time high school came around I had a live in best friend. He would take me to the movies, and out for coffee, and even back in public school, when I was just his annoying little sister, he would let me sit on the stairs of his high school party for 10 minutes just so I wouldn’t feel left out. He saved me from my parents, and he saved me from some boyfriends. He would talk to me – even if it was the middle of the night, and pushed me past my comfort zone in every possible situation he could, he would do anything to see me succeed.

I also had two honorary body guards. I basically felt like a celebrity when it came to my brothers. Although only one of them with blood, the other two are just as important. They wouldn’t let boys date me, they “bullied” every guy that I ever brought home – and although I openly hated them for it at the time – they quickly weaned out what boys were worth a shot and what boys weren’t. They showed me that family has absolutely nothing to do with blood, or history but instead it has to do with how much you love, care and accept someone. My two honorary brothers were by my side no matter what, I got the siblings without the sibling drama and I always had someone to play video games with.

I grew up with siblings. I hated them half the time. But even when I wanted to rip their hair out, or rat them out to my parents, I knew that when it came down to it I had support no matter what.

Lately we’ve all drifted apart. Grew up. Moved on. Our family ties aren’t as tightly knitted now that we left the nest but I know that they are all still in my corner. Every single one of them. No matter how long it has been or how bad I fucked up I know that I have 4 very strong, very loving, and honestly sometimes, very scary siblings that are standing right behind me. A lot of the time I forget to thank my siblings, because hey they’re stuck with me no matter what but sometimes I think everyone needs a reminder.

Thank you for having my back no matter what.

Thank you for teasing me and picking on me when we were little. You guys made me grow up tough and every day I appreciate that.

Thank you for playing video games with me even though I was at least four years younger and wasn’t as good as you. Most importantly – thank you for letting me win sometimes.

Thank you for giving me life long friendships.

Thank you for teaching me how to drive. When I was 4 – and again when I was 16. One time worked out way better than the other, but i’m still thankful for both.

Thank you for always being my playmate when I was a kid. I know sometimes I got annoying, and sometimes you really didn’t want to hang out with your baby sister.

Thank you for taking my side on things, especially when it came down to the kids against the parents. It didn’t even matter if you were personally involved or not, you guys always took my side.

Thank you for loving me and supporting me even though I change my mind a thousand times.

Thank you for being you. Because without you, I wouldn’t be me.

I love you guys. And I know I don’t say it enough. But I am so lucky to have you four in my corner.

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