It’s that time of year again. The time of year that absolutely every university student dreads. The time of year when the entire world gains up against you. The time of year where you cry much more than you smile. The time of year when sleep becomes some long lost memory that you can’t seem to get back. The time of year that we all like to call exam season. Thats right, the first signs of spring aren’t filled with joy for us students. As soon as the snow starts to melt, our backpacks get a little heavier. As soon as the rain begins to fall and the skies stay grey all day, our nights and days merge together in one big blur. The assignments come first. Papers, lab reports, quizzes, bonus marks – all the stuff that has been known since Day 1, and all the stuff that our teachers nagged us about, and all that stuff that you put off every night while you were shooting back tequila. Thats right, like I said before, you’ll regret the parties one day. And sadly, today is that day. Exams are upon us. Obviously I am writing from experience as 4am blinks on my clock. My papers are spread out around me. My room hasn’t changed in at least 12 hours, in fact I can’t even remember if I have moved in 12 hours. What am I suppose to be studying for anyway? Oh thats right.. Exams. Exams for breakfast – Exams for lunch – Exams for dinner. Or to put it more simply, and honestly more truthfully, think of anything you want to do during the day. Whether it be the gym, nap, netflix maybe? It doesn’t mater what it is, think of it, and replace it with the words study, exams, mental breakdown, reading or staring so long at a piece of paper that eventually your eyes go all blurry, and you fall asleep for a minute, and next thing you know 2 hours has passed and you were more than likely sleeping with your eyes open. Any of these words will work as a replacement. I personally, would switch it up ever so often… You know to try and trick your brain into believing you’re doing something new. Regardless it is exam time. And it is 4am. And I am wide awake. This is what it is like to be in university. The easy-going year that you endured is gone. Those lectures that you skipped to sleep or party – well turns out they were important and you need to know them by 9am tomorrow morning – Goodluck to you. That spring weather that is happening outside your window – close your blinds because you will not see the outside for at least a month. Be prepared for your phone to never ring – you know those parties that were just so much fun with your friend? Ya, they’re swamped too now. You are all in the same situation, but in a different room with a different major. But you’ll do it, because you always do. Somehow you manage to survive on 2 hours of sleep a night. Somehow you manage to write all your exams and feel semi confident about them. Somehow you manage to be alone for a solid month even though you’ve spent the past 4 months with a buddy. Somehow you manage all of those things, and then somehow after the breakdown and after you’ve packed your dorm room back up – you will be done first year. And it will be such a bittersweet moment. And you will want to go back in time and start all over. But instead you get prepared to tackle second year, and you’re better prepared then last year. So bring it on. Goodluck to everyone out there who is struggling on no sleep and somehow still functioning enough to make it through every single exam and come out so much stronger then before. I’m in the same boat as you, and i’m happy to be in the home stretch.


– Jane

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