Love Words

“Do you remember?” she whispered as he slowly ran his fingers through her hair.
“Remember what?”
“The day you fell in love with me?”
He didn’t answer her for a while, she thought he fell asleep.
“You were four and you wanted nothing to do with me. It was almost like you wouldn’t even acknowledge I was there. You stayed behind your mothers legs, peeking out momentarily to glare at me. I was curious about you, and spilt chocolate milk everywhere. Your mom made you clean it up. I was pretty sure in that moment you were going to hate me for the rest of your life. And in that same moment I knew that I would spend the rest of my life trying to make that up to you… four year olds hold very big grudges you know… Actually, wait.. you were 7 and you used to ride circles around me on your pony. You also used to run away from me. But I was persistent. But then again, it might have been when we were 13 and the roles changed. I became more interested in sports and guy friends and you refused to let me forget about you.”

She laughed quietly as all the flashbacks played through her mind. The memories from her childhood that she sometimes forgets about but that are safely kept in the back of her mind.

“I’ve loved you since you were four,” he said, “But everyday you make me love you more. Like when you push me to do things outside of my comfort zone. And when you showed me that commitment isn’t actually a scary thing. Or when you laugh at me when I screw up but then help me pick up the pieces again. Honestly I can’t tell you the day I feel in love with you, or the exact thing that you did to make me feel the way I do, all I know is that I do.”

And in that moment, at that exact time, the girl memorized everything he said, and everything he did, down to the very last detail about him, and said, “me too.”

– Jane.

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