Remember Me

Promise you’ll remember me.
Once the world starts to notice my absence.
And I am no longer here to kiss your face or hold your hand.
Promise you’l remember me.
The way my voice used to sound in the morning.
Remember how I used to shade my face with my hair when I was embarrassed.

Promise you’ll still love me.
Even though I left you.
Remember the way we used to talk with our eyes and how content we were with silence.
Promise you’ll get rid of the bad memories and that you’ll cherish the good

But if the memories make you cry.
And my shadow becomes too big.
And if all i do is cause you pain and heartache
And if my memories can’t erase the pain that i’ve caused
Then promise you’ll forget me and erase every bit of me from your mind.
Promise that ill mean nothing.
And that you’ll let me die.


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