You’ll get over him

You know that guy that completely destroyed you?

That guy that broke your heart into a million pieces?

Ya,  the one that once made you smile and laugh.

The guy that told you that you were the only girl in the world for him.

He came into your life unexpected

And he turned it completely upside down.


First when he entered you life and made you realized that something was missing.

And then again when he just up and left one day.

You know that guy.

We all have that guy.

The memories haunt you.

You remember exactly how he made your bad days better.

And everything about your time together.

And every single little detail about him.

And how he forced you out of your comfort zone.

And how much you two grew together.

But regardless, he up and left.

And you are broken.

And you are weak.

And you don’t think your heart will ever mend.

And your almost positive that no one will ever be able to replace him.

But then one day, while you’re sitting on the couch, thinking about the new tv show that you now watch constantly even though you’ve seen every eposide ten times from every single season, your mind will drift back to him and you’ll realize that you can’t remember the show that you guys used to binge watch together.

You can’t even remember the colour of his eyes.

Or the way his laugh used to sound.

And once you realize that the memories are fading it will break your heart all over again.

But only momentarily.

Because he’s finally gone now.

Even though he left weeks ago.

– Jane.

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