The world around you darkens.
The wind picks up.
The blinds get closed.
Slowly the doors begin to lock,
One by one.

Buttons are undone.
Sweatshirts thrown on your floor.
Only a heap of clothes representing the day you’re leaving behind.

Blankets pulled back.
Pillows fluffed.
Teeth brushed.
Finally you are ready to accept the quiet.

Eyes closed.
Mind on.
Oh wait, that’s not right…

The clock ticks slowly.
Your thoughts betray you.
Hour 1.
Hour 2.
Hour 3.

The night is suppose to be your time of peace.
A time to regroup, refocus, re-energize.
But instead you wait.

Staring blankly at the ceiling above your head.
Until the first rays of sunshine peak through your window.
And then you realize, you’ve lost against your biggest demon again.


(First attempt at an poem structured piece)

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