10 Things They Forgot To Tell You About University

It’s approaching that time of year again, where anxious high school students await their responses from universities. All the grade 12s are so eager to break away from their regular high school routine and head off to a new town, with a new group of students, on a new campus, all on their own – finally you get to be independent. Not to mention if your older friends instagram’s tell you anything, all university really consists of is drinking, partying, sleeping and Netflix… right?

Wrong! Here are 10 things that everyone forgets to tell you about university before you get there:

1. The cafeteria food is awful. It doesn’t matter what school you pick, or how healthy you eat, or how many different options there are on campus, by Thanksgiving break you will have exhausted all your options and be begging for your parents to send you home cooked meals. Or you won’t eat, because realistically the mystery meat that they are serving for lunch doesn’t seem to excite you enough and you would rather just deal with your grumbling tummy.

2. New towns are a pain in the ass. End of story. You will miss your familiar little town where you know every short cut, every road, and every store that you might ever need to visit.

3. In relation to post number two, especially if you have your own car, your GPS will become your best friend. Even if it is just how to get from one side of campus back to your dorm room. It happens to the best of us, don’t worry.

4.  15 hours of school is 100X better then high school when you had to show up at 9am and you couldn’t leave until 3. Hands down the amount of school wins by a landslide

5. The downside to only having 15 hours of school per week is you probably get, on average, 10 hours of reading per week. And thats if you stay on top of it and actually do some every night. But if you are like every other university student then you will probably skip it some nights and end up having 10 hours of reading to do sunday night at 11pm.

6. Spark notes will become your other best friend. It will officially be the most frequently viewed web-page on your computer; forget about Facebook, pinterest and other school media.

7. The partying will catch up with you. Even if you think you’ll only do it on the weekends – eventually you will have to sober up and the hangover is inevitable and it will suck and you will swear you will never party again, until of course friday night comes along or you fail a massive test.

8.  Residence is a huge guessing game. You can way the pros and cons 1000 times before you apply but you don’t actually know if it is the right one until you get there – and by that time it is way to late anyway. So guess away, and weigh your options but I bet that you will find yourself wishing you were half way across campus where all your new friends seem to be

9. You will miss home. It doesn’t matter how many new friends you make, or how much fun you are having, or how much you love sleeping until 2pm without being yelled at – you will miss your mom, and your pets, and your actual bed and you will miss the free laundry – you will seriously miss the free laundry.

10. Even though your professors provide you with the entire semester worth of due-dates and important readings to be successful, you will still end up pulling multiple all nighters because you suck at planning, and you had better things to do, and eventually time just got away from you and now you have to endure several mental breakdowns and sleepless nights so that you don’t get a 0 on the only project in the course which evidently makes up 75% of your grade.

But on the other hand, your friends didn’t totally lie… at least half of university is made up of partying, sleeping and Netflix but thats only a result of extreme procrastination and poor judgement.
Enjoy freshman, it truly is a once and a life time experience.


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