The Path To Success

People say the path to success is not a direct line, instead it has several bumps, twists, dead ends, and turn around points. The key to success is keeping your goal in mind and pushing through all the obstacles that life throws in front of you. If success was easy then it wouldn’t be an accomplishment. Therefore only people who are extremely determined and dedicated actually reach the end of the road and get to take pride in everything they’ve accomplished. 

Recently I have been reminding myself often that in order to go places and in order to reach my end goals, I have to also accept and concur my setbacks. Mostly I need reminders when focusing on the big picture in life – to keep pushing through and to slow down because it really isn’t about how fast you get there but just that you get there period. 

This of course is easier said then done. I have an idea of how I want my life to turn out. What age I want to be married by, where I want to live, how I want to live… But how do I get from point A (sitting in a university lecture hall) to point B (my ideal fairy tale ending)? Realistically I still don’t have an answer for this question, well I do – obviously one day at a time, but it isn’t an answer I necessarily am happy with.

I find I freak myself out over the little things in life, making the big picture seem impossible. For example I am broke. Like so so broke. I don’t have a job because I am trying to go through school and because I like to go home on weekends – making it nearly impossible to find a part time job. With no part time job I keep putting myself farther and farther into debt. How am I suppose to put myself through school with no money? How am I suppose to have a future and a life with no money? How do I live day by day when my funds are running dangerously low?
Money is probably my biggest stress in life and I am only 19 years old. I know that money is probably the number 1 issue within peoples lives and now its an issue that occurs at such a young age and never really goes away.
Sometimes I think I should drop out of university, take a few years to build up my bank account so that I am more stable and able to put myself through school. But on the other hand I know that at 23 or 25 or 28 years of age I wont want to spend my time in a lecture hall with 17 and 18 year olds. And then if I never put myself through school, I put myself in the position of being in money trouble when it comes to my kids wanting to go through school because I wont be able to move up in my job as easily with people with a degree. I feel trapped, like I can’t win, no matter what way I try to spin things.
So how do I get successful and how do I live my life when money is constantly nagging at my mind?

Simple – money is just another challenge that life throws at you. But luckily it is a problem that life throws at everyone. Look around you – the person sitting beside you at work, or in class, or even your family members are all struggling or have struggled with money at some point. It is one obstacle that every person experiences and it is just another bump in the very long road to success.
It sucks. I will be the first person to admit that money freaks me out way more then I would like it to at 19. Some days it even makes me cry, especially since my money issues have fallen onto my mom’s shoulders as she solely puts me through university. But I also know, even though I have to remind myself more times than not, I am where I am suppose to be in life. I am suppose to be in debt because I am suppose to be in school and honestly that’s what school means. I am doing the best that I can and as long as I am doing the best I can, the money, the stress and the debt are being well spent and can be handled because in the long run it is going to be worth it.

The path to success is a very rough and bumpy path. It is filled with obstacles, pot holes and dead ends. It will test you and push you and cause you to have more mental break downs then you ever thought were humanly possible. But in the end, you will be able to look back and said “I made it. I did this for me. I am better because I fought threw everything life through at me and I came out on top.”

Keep fighting – it isn’t an easy battle but the end point will be one of the biggest accomplishments of your life.


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