Back At It

Here I am, sitting in a massive lecture hall at 9am on the first day of classes. The kick off of second semester. How lucky for me to be stuck with a 9am class on the first day. Even luckier for me it is -20 out, feels like -30 and there is an extreme cold weather alert being issued. Yes, it’s a good day to start a new semester.

I quite enjoyed my 2 (almost 3) week winter break. Back at home, no stress, no worries. But I can’t avoid it forever, it’s time to jump back into my academics and work towards my future.

I have this new goal set for myself for this semester, I want all my marks to be above 70% – this includes going to all my classes, taking detailed notes, making good study plans,etc – the normal things that students promise themselves before the semester actually starts and all the work starts to suffocate them. But obviously, right now, I am posting instead of paying attention to my lecture so I am not off to a very good start.

To be fair, it is an introduction lecture and since I was so eager to stay on top of the work, I already printed and read off the syllabus, making this lecture very easy to multitask and still know exactly what is going on.

Regardless of how boring this first lecture is, I should get back to it. But in conclusion, I have started my next step and I am off and running.


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