leaving the nest we all called highschool

I know what it feels like to be pressured into decisions. To feel like you have to make a decision on the spot. To try to please everyone around you, when realistically the only person who you should be trying to please is yourself. Everyone has been in a situation similar to this, and majority of people have been in the same situation that I’m talking about – your plans for after high school.

I know for me i was suppose to make this decision at 17 (thanks to having a very late birthday). At 17 years old everyone around me expected me to decide what i was going to do for the next 45, or so, years of my life. Are you kidding? People expect me to make a decision that is going to last longer then i have even currently been alive. Unrealistic? Completely. But like most other ambitious teens i was eager to jump out of the nest that i called high school and start the next chapter of my life.

It wasn’t that easy. I didn’t just get to jump with my eyes wide open and my bags packed; instead it was a stressful, nail biting, emotional process. I sat on the fence about most decisions; what school i wanted to go to, what program i wanted to go into, what town i wanted to live in, exactly how far i wanted to move from home, if i wanted to live in residence, if i could share a bathroom with 30+ other teenagers… the list goes on and on. This trail of questions constantly ran through my brain making it seem impossible to actually make this life altering decision. So of course, i reached out to people around me for guidance. That was a huge mistake, but it didn’t seem like it at the time… let me explain. I decided to ask my very opinionated, money driven brother. I’m sure most of you can imagine how the conversation went when i told my brother i would rather be a starving journalist then a fancy business women. But you also have to understand that my brothers opinion was very important to me at the time, and i was always trying to live up to his expectations. This leads me to the biggest and worst decision i have made to date… I applied and then eagerly accepted a business admission to college.

NEVER in my life have i talked about going to college – it has always been university in my heart. Also business, especially one with a strong math base, has never exactly been my thing. But i pushed down my gut feeling, i packed my bags, and i went to college for business. This lasted a total of one semester before i totally hated it and started planning my next move. Next thing i knew i was back home, with an early acceptance to my dream university for a four year journalism program.

I guess the moral of this entire post is that even through all the confusing and wrong decisions i did jump out of the nest, but i did it at my own pace and as soon as i followed my gut instead of the opinions of others i found myself on the right path.



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